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Some areas are isolated; we invite you to be cautious at all time. Remember that every roads are gravel roads and many of them are narrow and meandering: drive slowly and keep your right; an encounter with another vehicle or a deer is always possible. Due to the high flammability of the island’s vegetation an extreme cautiousness must be observed with the use of fire.

The main roads are marked on “Carte touristique de l’Île d’Anticosti”. If necessary, one must refer to the number of kilometers to drive on the Trans-Anticosti, the road which run across the island in a west to east direction (kilometer markers are settled every 2 kilometers and the graduation increase toward the east direction).

In order to fully enjoy the charms of Anticosti, we recommend the wearing of hiking boots and to bring weatherproof clothing. Do not forget to bring also binoculars and a camera.

Pourvoirie lac Geneviève d’Anticosti forbid the use of ATV on his territory, except in case of special events.

A municipal law prohibit dogs on Anticosti Island.

Cell phone use is possible only in certain areas of the island (on open ground in elevated areas or on the seashore) and depending on the type of phone and the service provider. (In case of emergency, it is possible to use the outfitter’s system, there is a cost for this service).

WIFI signal is available at lake Geneviève chalets.

List of services available at Port-Menier

  • Grocery store (including a Liquor store)
  • Credit union 
  • ATM machine
  • Restaurants
  • Snack Bar
  • Garage and gas station
  • Convenience store/Hardware store
  • Local craft store

(Most shops offer the INTERAC payment service.)