Anticosti Island is located in hunting area 20. The white-tailed deer hunting permit is exclusive to that area and you will be able to purchase it upon your arrival when you register at our office. The regular permit allows for the harvest of two deer of any type (male, female, fawn). As for the small game permit, the provincial permit is in effect. Group hunting is authorized on the territory of an outfitter at Anticosti and we would appreciate, if you wish to avail yourself of this opportunity, that you complete in advance the binding agreement that you will find among the documents to download. We will only need to write your permit number upon your arrival.

Recommended arms: Although you can hunt with all the types of arms authorized by law for white-tailed deer hunting and even though there is no particular season in area 20, we strongly recommend the use of rifles with telescope sight in the range of calibers from .243 to 7mm to be able to face all the possible shooting situations.

Firearm transportation: Please visit the following website under the “Fact Sheets” tab.

Deer glands and natural urine based lures: To prevent the possible spread of diseases among the island’s deer population, we ask hunters to refrain from using these products.

Out-of-country clients: It is mandatory to fill out the firearm declaration form to bring an arm through the Canadian customs. You can download this form from the following website: Don’t forget that you also need to present a passport.

For our European plan clients, because of the luggage weight limit on airplanes, we advise you to buy your food in Port-Menier.

Every American citizen must hold a valid passport. Please plan ahead of time to get one. Visit, or to get information about passports.

Firearms registration is mandatory. A form must be completed and shown to customs officers. This form can be downloaded from the following website: You will also find on this website the procedures for the transportation of a firearm to Canada under the “Fact Sheets” tab.


The outfitter issues daily access rights for brook trout fishing. Fees are required and the fishing spots are awarded by a daily draw (rowboats are available and safety equipment is provided). Authorized fishing gear includes light tackle and fly fishing gear on the lakes and only fly fishing gear on the Bec-Scie river. Access rights and a provincial fishing licence are required for this activity. The outfitter is an authorized distributor for all the provincial licences.

Additional insurance for the vehicle included in the package: the insurance covering the vehicle lease includes a basic $5,000.00 deductible. You can lower this deductible to $1,500.00 by paying additional fees when you pick up the vehicle, or you can insure the vehicle through your own insurance policy, if it has a Q.E.F. 27 endorsement. Ask your insurance broker for more information.

Due to luggage weight limits, we advise you to buy your food at the Port-Menier grocery store.

A municipal bylaw prohibits dogs on Anticosti Island.

You can get an Anticosti Island tourist map from local merchants.